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Principal Investigators

Please precede the phone number with +358 (0)2 215 as in +358 2 215 4295.
The e-mail adress is firstname.lastname@abo.fi.

Name   Position   Phone number  
Jouko Peltonen   Professor in physical chemistry, Head of laboratory, Vice chair of the Center of Excellence for Functional Materials (FunMat)   -4254 Peltonen
Center of excellence for functional materials (FunMat)
Novel technology platform for mass produced transistors enabling sensing applications (Flex-Sens)
Printable pharmaceuticals for drug-delivery (pPOD)
Intelligent printable monitoring (IMO)
Printable array platform for cell studies (PrinCell)
Jan-Henrik Smått   Lecturer; Principal Investigator: hierarchical systems   -4623 Jan-Henrik Smått
Nanostructured Metal Oxides group (NanOxide)
- Hierarchically porous metal oxide materials
- Advanced materials for photovoltaic applications
- Thin films and functional coatings
Petri Ihalainen   Principal Investigator: printed functionality, solid-state sensors, surface characterization   -4256 Petri Ihalainen
Intelligent Monitoring 2 (IMO2)
Intelligent Monitoring (IMO)
Printable Pharmaceuticals for Drug-Delivery (pPOD)
Printed functionality (within FUNMAT)
Novel Technology Platform for Mass-Produced Inexpensive Transistors on Flexible Surfaces Enabling Sensing Applications (FLEX-SENS)
Jessica Rosenholm   Principal Investigator: biomedical applications of nanomaterials   -3255 Jessica Rosenholm
BioNanoMaterials group (BNM)
Nanodiamonds as optical probes in bioimaging
Multifunctional nanoparticles for theranostic applications
Targeting cancer cells by design


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