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People at Physical Chemistry

Please precede the phone number with +358 (0)2 215 as in +358 2 215 4295.
The e-mail adress is firstname.lastname@abo.fi.
Only those who have given a written consent are listed here.

Name   Position   Phone number   E-mail
N.N.   Researcher        
Tina Gulin   PhD Student   -4929   (tina.gulin)
N.N.   Researcher        
Eva von Haartman   PhD student   -4620   (eva.haartman)
Gun Hedström   Dr.Sc., University teacher   -4298   (gun.hedstrom)
Matti Hotokka   Professor emmeritus, docent   -4295   (matti.hotokka)
Petri Ihalainen   Principal Investigator, Dr.   -4256   (petri.ihalainen)
Helka Juvonen   Researcher   -4252   (helka.juvonen)
N.N.   Researcher        
Christina Luojola   Department administrator   -4253   (christina.luojola)
Anni Määttänen   Researcher   -4614   (anni.maattanen)
Jouko Peltonen   Professor in physical chemistry, Head of Laboratory, Vice chair of the Center of Excellence for Functional Materials (FunMat)   -4254   (jouko.peltonen)
Jarl B. Rosenholm   Professor emmeritus
Adjunct research professor (University of South Australia)
Docent (Assistant professor, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi)
  -4254   (jarl.rosenholm)
Jessica Rosenholm   Principal Investigator, D.Sc.(Tech.)   -3255   (jessica.rosenholm)
N.N.   Researcher        
Motolani Sakeye   Researcher   -4929   (motolani.sakeye)
Thomas Sandberg   PostDoc researcher / Teaching assistant   -4252   (thomas.sandberg)
Jawad Sarfraz   Research scientist   -4620   (jawad.sarfraz)
Didem SEN KARAMAN   Ph.D. student - Researcher   -4616   (didem.sen)
Pia Sjöberg   Lecturer, acting   -4297   (pia.sjoberg-eerola)
Jan-Henrik Smått   Principal Investigator, Lecturer, Dr. Sc.   -4623   (jan-henrik.smatt)
Kenneth Stenlund   Laboratory manager   -4251   (kenneth.stenlund)
N.N.   Researcher        
Xu Qian   Researcher   -4616   (qian.xu)


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