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Publications and activity reports

The Laboratory has adopted a new system for categorizing the publications starting from 2012. The new classification conforms to the official rules of the Ministry. The publications prior to 2012 are classified in Fyke types.

You are welcome to check the details of the old Fyke types and the new official classification principles.

For your convenience, all original refereed scientific publications of the Laboratory from 1927 to date are available in a comprehensive list. For categorized listings, see below.

The search function covers all categories.

Prior to 2012: Publications in inofficial Fyke types.
Since 2012: Publications sorted in the official classes.
Doctoral Theses: Ph.D. Theses from the Department.
Master's Theses:: Master's Theses in Science and Engineering.
Activity report: A summary of the researcher's activities.
Yearbook: A summary of the research and other activities.


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