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Tutkijakoulusta väitelleet
Examinations from the school

  • Lauri Lehtovaara: Theoretical studies of atomic scale impurities in superfluid 4He, 13.4.2007
  • Mikael Johansson: A quantum chemical investigation of the metal centres in cytochrome c oxidase, 13.4.2007
  • Arkke Eskola: The kinetics and reactivity of several polyatomic free radicals in reactions with NO2, O2, Cl2, and HCl, 16.3.2007
  • Jussi Ahokas: Spectroscopic studies of atoms and small molecules isolated in rare gas solids: photodissociation and thermal reactions, 17.11.2006
  • Michael Patzschke: Studies of new inorganic species using relativistic quantum chemistry, 27.6.2006
  • Markus Metsälä: Cavity-enhanced laser spectroscopic studies of vibrational overtones of acetylene, 7.6.2006
  • Ville-Veikko Telkki: Xenon porometry. A novel method for characterization of porous materials by means of 129Xe NMR spectroscopy of xenon dissolved in a medium, 10.02.2006
  • Saara Kaski: Development of methods and applications of laser-induced plasma spectroscopy in the VUV region, 12/2005
  • Ermelinda Macoas: Conformational isomerization of small carboxylic acids isolated in low-temperature rare-gas matrices, 07/2005 (Coimbra)
  • Jonas Juselius: Theoretical investigation of magnetically induced currents in closed-shell molecules, 12/2004
  • Tuomas Koskela: Investigations of aluminophosphate molecular sieves applying noble gas and methane NMR spectroscopy, 11/2004
  • Pekka Manninen: Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian and molecular magnetic resonance properties, 10/2004
  • Timo Rajamäki: Vibrational energy levels of ammonia-type molecules from first principles calculations, 7/2004
  • Ville-Veikko Nieminen: Skeletal isomerization of n-butane and linear butenes over porous solid acid catalysts, 06/2004
  • Vesa Hänninen: Theoretical and computational study of internal motions in some small molecules, 5/2004
  • Viivi Lehtovuori: Ultrafast light induced dissociation of Ru(dcbpy)(CO)2I2 in solution, 4/2004
  • Kari Vaskonen: Spectroscopic studies on atoms and small molecules isolated in low temperature rare gas matrices, 03/2004
  • Jani Kallioinen: Photoinduced dynamics of Ru(dcbpy)2(NCS)2 – in solution and on nanocrystalline titanium oxide thin films, 1/2004
  • Esa Isoniemi: Photodissociation and thermal reaction studies in rare-gas solids, 10/2003
  • Atte Sillanpää: Density functional studies of aqueous systems: Structure, dynamics and equilibria, 10/2003
  • Tapani Kinnunen: Density functional studies of catalytic carbonylation of methanol, 4/2003
  • Perttu Lantto: Electronic structure studies on NMR spin-spin coupling and nuclear shielding tensors, 11/2002
  • Janne Ihalainen: Spectroscopic studies on light harvesting complexes of green plants and purple bacteria, 9/2002
  • Juha Päivärinta: Theoretical calculations on aggregation of molecules in solution: Applications on surfactants, aluminium hydroxides and pharmaceutical compounds, 12/2001
  • Mika Ylihautala: NMR of small solutes in liquid crystals and molecular sieves, x/1999
  • Jaakko Kaski: Experimental determination of spin-spin coupling tensors applying NMR of partially oriented molecules, x/1999
  • Seppo Alanko:High resolution infrared spectroscopy on the fundamental bands of 13CH3I, 4/1999
  • Ari Korhonen: Development and application of 1H NMR methodology to lipoprotein analysis, x/1998
  • Jari Oksanen: Spectroscopic characterization of some monomeric and aggregated chlorophylls, x/1998
  • Heikki Häkkänen: Development of a method based on laser-induced plasma spectrometry for rapid spatial analysis of material distributions in paper coatings, x/1998
  • Mika Pettersson: Novel rare-gas chemistry in low-temperature matrices, 11/1998
  • Ari Lahti: Quantum chemical calculations on uroccanic acid 5/1998


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